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Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Masterclass - Bucharest

14/11/2022 - 20/01/2023

Bucharest & online

Continue your education in Leadership coaching and become a Leadership Coach


Becoming a leadership coach means understanding the mechanisms of leadership and accompanying leaders to move forward in their mission.

For this, we coaching professionals need the right tools to become the partner to challenge and guide the leaders in accessing new perspectives generating reality. Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Masterclass is the appropriate context for this mission!


6 days of intensive classes on the Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology followed by 8 3-hours weekly online practical sessions (every Tuesday between 6PM and 9PM) and 2 individually conducted recorded sessions. After the 8 weeks the participant coaches are going to gather again for a brief but insightful final 2-days workshop with real clients and a final assignment to
complete the process of obtaining their Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology certification.

Masterclass Structure:
1. 6 full days of learning & practicing (9 hours each) – 54 hours
2. 8 supervised & demonstrative practice sessions (3 hours each) – 24 hours
3. 20 peer coaching sessions for individual training – 20 hours
4. 2 full days of sessions with real clients in supervision mode – 18 hours
5. Final assignment about Leadership coaching & Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Model

This masterclass has both a learning and a performance purpose and is thus designed for practitioners who are already certified in coaching. Hosting a number of no more than 14 participants, the masterclass is going to provide the appropriate context required for intense experiential learning.

Leadership is a state of being

This is the starting premise of the Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Masterclass that sheds light on the inner potential of each individual to attain the highest of peaks and to guide and lead others to do the same.

Centered on the very humanistic mechanisms of human potential, Iserve™ is one of the most effective and innovative Leadership Coaching Models created worldwide over the past 10 years.

Based on the principles of authentic coaching and rooted in the belief that behind any good leader, there is a powerful self-leader, the uplifting dialogue model has been tested in over 1500 practical sessions with leaders and executives from top and middle management levels and has proven to drive significant results for the benefit of the coachees.

Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Masterclass is an extremely efficient program designed in accordance with the EMCC Global , ICF , and AC standards and codes of ethics for certified coaches who wants to develop the professional capability in Leadership Coaching.

Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology model is based on the unique perspective of elevating partnership coaching. The end goal is achieving change and evolution through meaningful 1:1s that offer a context of safety and trust to leaders, where they can explore their inner resources and discover new solutions to solve and manage already existing challenges. How do coaches manage to do that? The essence of the answer is found in the title of the method itself.

Iserve™ stands for: 

I – I
S – Subject
E – Elevating
R – Reflector
V – Vision
E – Elaborate

The international Leadership Coaching Masterclass is built upon the Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology and facilitated by its creator, Mihai Bejenaru, for the first time in such a comprehensive form after its international launch in Oxford on October 1st 2022. Expect a real Marathon Masterclass based on more than 120 hours of effective training and experiential learning.



Mihai Bejenaru
With a background of over 20 years in implementing and developing organizational leadership in various fields of activity, from business to the military and legal practice environments, Mihai is a leadership coach and a lector, PCC ICF, EMCC senior practitioner, EdAlt Institute Lecturer, member in the strategic boards of prestigious companies and other organizations. Committed to continuous improvement, Mihai has attended the coaching training programs of various distinguished schools in Romania, USA, Singapore, Israel, Sweden and Germany. He is one of the pioneers in developing and implementing the Self-Leadership concept in Europe and a promoter of Leadership Coaching at a global level.
More details Mihai Bejenaru


Online supervision sessions mentors:

Andreea Filipoiu – Lector, PCC Coach, Certified Coach & Mentor Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology

Cristina Băcilă – Certified Coach & Mentor Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology

Ovidiu Manoilescu – Certified Coach & Mentor Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology

Dana Cionca – Certified Coach & Mentor Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology

Alexandru Balag – Certified Coach & Mentor Iserve Leadership Coaching™ Methodology


Schedule of the programme:

Registrations: October 1 – November 8, 2022
Interviews: November 8 – November 11, 2022
Workshop calendar: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 November 2022 ( 9.00-18.00) Sessions assisted by practice: Every Tuesday evening from 18:00 to 21:00, till 17 th of January 2023
One-to-One practice sessions: Mutually agreed
Practice Workshop with real clients: 20-21 January 2023


Your Investment:
●  €2490 paid in full
●  €1000 paid at registration, followed by 2 installments of €900

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