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Iserve™ internationally launched!

After working thoroughly more than 3 years on the new Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Methodology, it was internationally launched and applauded at Oxford this October 1st. It has been a rollercoaster journey, filled with uplifting emotions. The sense of making a real, meaningful change in the world of coaching is what kept the wheels of excitement and determination turning.

The new dimension that is brought to life through this methodology is the focus on the inner potential of each individual to attain the highest of peaks and to guide and lead others to do the same. It is a model that views leadership as a state of being, designed in accordance with the standards and codes of ethics of the most reputable coaching Associations ( European Mentoring & Coaching Council, International Coaching Federation and Association for Coaching) in order to provide highly effective and innovative tools for already certified coaches who want to develop their professional Leadership Coaching capabilities.

Mihai Bejenaru, the Founder of Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Methodology is looking forward to sharing this unique perspective with practitioners who are ready to elevate partnership coaching. Being a strong believer in quality over quantity, Mihai is addressing the upcoming Masterclasses to groups of a maximum of 14 participants, designing the learning journey in such a way that will provide the right context for the participants to safely explore and use the principles of Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Methodology. And where else better to continue this journey after the Oxford launch than in his home country, in Bucharest?

The first Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Masterclass will take place between the 14th and 19th of November 2022, in Bucharest, at the beautiful venue Crowne Plaza, followed by 8 weekly online practical sessions. The participants can expect 10 weeks of intensive learning facilitated by Mihai and 5 supervision mentors, primarily through a practical approach, that will generate powerful results in their coaching and in their clients’ careers.

Afterward, in March 2023, an international Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Masterclass will be hosted in Viena, slowly but surely spreading the new, innovative and effective model with professionals all over the world.

What Mihai says:

“I am beyond honored to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the field that has marked the past 20 years of my career while implementing and developing organizational leadership methods in various fields of activity. My commitment to continuous improvement was highlighted by my attendance at coaching training programs of various distinguished schools from around the world, and now it is time to give back to the coaching community and share this uplifting dialogue model that has been tested in over 1500 practical sessions with leaders and executives from top and middle management levels.”

An opportunity for coaching practitioners to join Iserve™ Leadership Coaching Masterclasses and to contributing to driving significant results in their work.