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Performance Management Advanced Program

Bringing Out the Best in People – How to Generate and Sustain Performance

19th October 2023 to 9th February 2024


2 Lecturers, a maximum of 12 participants, 21 weeks of training and a journey that will generate practical results


“My people don’t seem to be motivated although I increased their salaries this year.”

“I set clear KPIs, but no one seems to make an effort towards their achievement.”

“I give feedback whenever something goes wrong, but it doesn’t seem to improve performance.”


These are topics that we can frequently hear in discussions between peers, management meetings, leadership training and coaching sessions.

Most of the companies nowadays are concerned about stimulating and monitoring the performance of their teams, have systems of evaluating performance in place, and yearly or semestrial performance evaluation discussions between the managers and their teams.

Nevertheless, performance evaluation is perceived by most employees as a formality imposed by the HR, limited to one or two official talks during a year, that often bring discomfort or even frustration, to both the manager and the evaluated person.

Understanding why performance evaluation systems don’t necessarily lead to improved performance, implies, first of all, understanding some basics about motivation: How does it work? What moves a person to make an effort in a certain direction? To what extent can we really motivate the others?


One or two performance evaluation discussions per year, as isolated actions, are not enough to keep people engaged and sustain performance in the long run. What type of communication is necessary to keep an optimum level of involvement and responsibility among the people in our teams?

We say we give feedback to motivate people and to improve performance. In reality, we give and get feedback when something is not working properly and we can easily notice that it rarely achieves its declared purpose, of generating a change for the better. What are the alternatives?


Moreover, any company has in place systems and processes that are meant to improve performance (setting and monitoring KPIs, giving rewards and recognition, etc.).

Do they really work? How can they be approached differently so as to have a better impact?


Regardless of the performance evaluation system a company uses, the impact of the performance evaluation talk depends on how it is carried through.

How do we move past what happened in the previous period of time to focus on the future and inspire a willingness to develop in the evaluated person?

About the Program

This program will bring the answer to these questions and to a lot more others.
This is a complete program of experiential learning, where the participants will be provided with the necessary techniques and tools and will then be supported to implement a practical project from beginning to end in their organizations.

This program is for you if:

  • You work in an HR department and are responsible for managing the performance evaluation system in your company
  • You are interested in implementing a performance evaluation system or improving an existing one
  • You are interested in improving your understanding about the motivation of the people you work with
  • You are willing to improve your abilities to communicate with the others in a way that stimulates their willingness to develop

Program Structure

The program entails a rigorous and demanding curriculum that will consistently captivate your attention. Throughout your participation, you will benefit of:


Theoretical and practical training in live workshops


Weekly practical online workshops


1-to-1 mentorship sessions with the lecturers


Individual study and implementation of the practical projects

What will you learn and be able to apply during and at the end of this program:


  • Understand how motivation works
  • Understand the connection between motivation, the needs we want to fulfil and our values
  • Communicate in a way that will enable you to identify the motivation level of the others
  • Establish how certain practices of the organization (setting objectives, giving feedback, rewards and recognition) impact motivation and performance and implement alternatives with an improved efficiency
  • Carry out the performance evaluation talk according to Iserve Leadership Methodology™, an original leadership methodology meant to uncover the potential and inspire the willingness to develop in the people you work with

What will happen at the end of the program?

At the end of this program, one of the key outcomes will be your ability to implement a project in your organization that focuses on performance management. Throughout the program, you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively design and execute a performance management initiative.

You will learn about various performance management models, best practices, and strategies that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives. This will include understanding the importance of setting clear goals and objectives, establishing performance metrics, providing regular feedback and coaching, conducting performance evaluations, and identifying areas for improvement.

With the guidance and support of experienced instructors and fellow participants, you will have the opportunity to develop and implement a performance management project within your organization. This practical experience will enable you to apply the concepts and techniques learned during the program to address real-life challenges and drive positive change in your workplace.

By successfully completing this project, you will not only demonstrate your understanding of performance management principles but also showcase your ability to effectively apply them in a real-world setting. This will significantly enhance your professional profile and contribute to the overall success and growth of your organization.

Program Lecturers

In addition to your peers, you will have the privilege of being accompanied on this journey by two experienced lecturers from EdAlt Institute.

Cristina Băcilă and Andreea Nate, both renowned HR professionals with backgrounds in various fields of activity, possess an extensive experience in training, coaching, and mentoring. Their guidance and unwavering support will lead you on your way to excellence, as you embark on this transformative educational journey.

Cristina Băcilă

Andreea Nate

Your Investment

Early Bird

Full payment before the 15th of July 2023

One Payment

Full payment before the 20th of October 2023

Installment Payment

€1068 before the 20th of October 2023, plus 3 installments of €670 at the end of November 2023, December 2023 and January 2023

Registration Process

At EdAlt Institute, the enrollment process is designed to be seamless and efficient. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your preferred investment plan and complete the registration form.
  2. Our team will promptly reach out to you to schedule an interview, where you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the program’s esteemed lecturers.
  3. Following the interview, we will promptly communicate the outcome to you.
  4. Once you have received confirmation of your acceptance into the program, you can proceed with making the payment in accordance with your chosen investment plan.
  5. With your enrollment secured, you will embark on an exciting development journey alongside your colleagues within the program group.

It’s not a program for everyone, and we’re not afraid to say it!

So we have a very clear set of criteria that guide us in choosing participants because we want to give you maximum value through every aspect of the program.

The admissions interview is the tool by which we make sure that happens!  It’s not a one-way process, it serves you as well to confirm if you resonate with everything this program means and implies. And that is precisely why it is important that at the end of it we feel on both sides that it will be a collaboration aimed at success before we decide to move on.

After your registration, you will have a one-to-one interview with the lecturer of the program.

Program Calendar

Registrations: 10th of June 2023- 10th of October 2023

Interviews: June- October 2023

Workshop Calendar:

2 live workshops of 2 days each ( 9.00-18.00 GMT+2)

  • 19th to 20th of October
  • 23th and 24th of November

Sessions assisted by practice: Every Thursday evening from 18:00 to 21:00, till the 1st of February 2024. Except for holidays.

One-to-One practice sessions: Mutually agreed

Graduation exam and celebration event: Live presentations of the final projects and graduation: 9th of February 2024 from 9:00 to 22:00


Language of the program:

The program will be delivered in the Romanian Language.


Live workshops will take place in Cluj-Napoca, as well as the graduation exam and celebration event.


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