EdAlt Institute

Team Serve – Team coaching Methodology with diploma

7th of October 2023 – 11th of May 2024
9 months with 7 experienced lecturers, max. 14 participants

The team itself is a constantly changing, transforming, and evolving organism. It consists of a group of people working together towards a common goal, with well-defined objectives and roles. The Team Serve – Team coaching Methodology Program proposes an intense 9-month course with 7 experienced lecturers, max 14 participants. Team coaching creates the framework in which these objectives can be achieved by cultivating trust and empowerment of each member as a result of constructive decisions taken and sustained.

About the Program

Through the Team Serve team coaching method, Edalt Institute proposes a unique, systemic intervention structure that partners the team as a whole to maximize collective potential and achieve the desired level of performance. This takes into account the daily challenges that arise and the influence of environmental factors. Becoming a team coach involves continuous learning, assumption, practice, and improvement through participation in specific team peer coaching sessions, supervision, and mentoring. For whom? – Coach with training in individual coaching and who wants to become a team coach – Leader with individual coaching skills, who wants to use team coaching skills in their work Total number: 232 hours Duration: 9 months


Nr total: 232 ore Durata: 9 luni

Programul presupune un curriculum riguros și solicitant care va capta constant atenția ta. Pe parcursul participării tale, vei întâlni: