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Mihai Bejenaru

“Leadership is a state of being”

Mihai Bejenaru Leadership Coach & Lector Mihai Bejenaru is the founder of IServe™ methodology, one of the most effective and revolutionary Leadership Coaching methods worldwide.

With a background of over 20 years in implementing and developing organizational leadership in various fields of activity, from business to the military and legal practice environments, Mihai is a leadership coach and a lector, PCC ICF, EMCC member, EdAlt Institute Crafter, member in the strategic boards of prestigious companies and other organizations.

Committed to continuous improvement, Mihai has attended the coaching training programs of various distinguished schools in Romania, USA, Singapore, Israel, Sweden and Germany. He is one of the pioneers in developing and implementing the Self-Leadership concept in Europe and a promoter of Leadership Coaching at a global level.


What is IServe™?

An extremely efficient Leadership Coaching method, designed in accordance with EMCC Global and ICF standards for leaders and their organizations, based on a unique model of elevating partnership coaching.

The uplifting dialogue model has been tested in over 1500 practical sessions with leaders and executives from top and middle management levels. Based on the principles of authentic coaching, IServe has proven to drive significantly results in the benefit of the coachees.

Centered on the mechanisms of activating the natural human potential, IServe™ is one of the most effective and innovative Leadership Coaching methods created over the past 10 years worldwide.


IServe stands for:

I – I

S – Subject

E – Elevating

R – Reflector

V – Vision

E – Elaborate

The ISERVE™ method stands at the core of the international Leadership Coaching Masterclass, held by Mihai Bejenaru, a real Marathon Masterclass based on 142 hours of effective training and experiential learning

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