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 4th October 2023 – January 2024


1 Lecturer, Max. 12 Participants, 12 Weeks and a journey about How to achieve maximums performance and enjoyment through the constant learning from experience

The Inner Game® is about performance, learning and fun.
The most common barriers to reaching optimal potential are the ways in which we all interfere with ourselves: doubts, fear of failure, judgmental thinking, and confusion about goals. We tend to be our own worst enemies. Non-judgmental focus is the key to unhindered growth. Exploring new avenues. The more I trust, the easier it is to be aware. The more aware I am, the easier it is to see my choices. 
Learning from experiences. Learning is about what you don’t know. The most valuable learning and development will arise from your interactions with your work experience. Practice focus: Focus cannot be forced. Forcibly trying to concentrate doesn’t work. The practice of focus requires being non-judgmental. 
Reaching the “Flow”. Learning and evolving are naturally fun when the impulses of self-interference are ignored rather than fed. When we are able to work or play “in the area” or in the “flow”, learning takes place naturally and at the same time we experience rich fun, which allows us to express human performance in its utmost purity. How to express your full potential by overcoming the self-limitations that we often impose on ourselves? How to make the best choices at the right time? How to maintain concentration in situations of high pressure and uncertainty?

About the Program

This program aims to let participants experience the basics of all programs offered by The Inner Game Institute. It is an introductory program to the principles, methodologies and tools necessary for participants to start their own Inner Game study and at the same time offers new perspectives to improve their daily life immediately. The use of Inner Game® methods to identify your strengths and recognize your interference will leave you free to move satisfactorily towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


Your newfound confidence and direction will effortlessly infuse new vitality into your work, relationships and life. The goal is to learn how to win your inner game to achieve better results in your professional and personal life. During this course, through experiential activities, you will have the opportunity to learn how to face the challenges that arise daily life. At the end of the course you will have experienced The Inner Game® principles and tools for: achieve maximum performance developing individual and / or team potential becoming aware of what hinders it Understand your decision-making process in terms of awareness, trust and choice Activate a “Mobility” path to evolve yourself by developing a disruptive mindset Manage stress and achieve a state of well-being by leveraging self-knowledge, empathy and the ability to stay in the “flow” Manage conflicts by working on relationships, culture and leadership styles Finding satisfaction and fulfillment in your work by clarifying the purpose, developing self-confidence and involvement. The course is aimed at all those who wish to: strengthen yourself to successfully face professional challenges in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment be your own leader by learning to think independently; initiate a path of change consistent with your deepest being.

Program Structure

Each module will feature experiential activities. Between one module and the next, additional material will be released to deepen the topics covered and a “challenge” will be launched that will allow participants to train what they have learned in the classroom 6 modules – online workshop, 2h

  • INTRODUCTION AND ORIGINS: Inner Game Story The S.T.O.P. Tool How our brain processes decisions 
  • THE VOICES: SELF 1 AND SELF 2: How to make assertive decisions Identify our self-critical self How to increase our inner potential
  • FOCUS AND CRITICAL VARIABLES: Relaxed concentration Observe the critical variables Decision-making processes of a team
  • INTERIOR CLEARANCE AT WORK: PLE MODEL: Relational and cultural conversations Involvement in work (engagement) Performance, Learning and Fun
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: ACT MODEL: The formula of maximum performance How do you see others Awareness, Choice and Trust
  • CREATING MOBILITY AND PURPOSE: How to reach Mobility Practice mindfulness Define the desired results